wedding tune

Monday, September 7, 2015

the shoot...

when we arrived in louisville 
on saturday,
the blue sky was riddled
with rows and flows 
of beautiful white clouds.
the day was gorgeous!
after checking into the hotel 
and making sure all our luggage 
was delivered to our suite, 
dana, katherine, and i took a tour 
of the hotel and grounds 
looking for just the right spots 
for dana to shoot 
katherine and zack's 
engagement photos.

-once katherine decided louisville
would be the site for her and zack's wedding,
she and i started looking 
for places and at poses
for great engagement/wedding photos 
in and around louisville. 
we knew we wanted 
to use the rooftop terrace
at the galt house,
the fountain area green space
at the belvedere,
one of the urban bourbon bars,
fourth street.
most importantly, 
we wanted 
to be the photographer!


after scouting out the area,
we were ready 
to get the show on the road.
katherine and zack 
got their things together,
we grabbed what we needed 
and headed across the river 
to jeffersonville.
along the way 
we looked for green space...
as the belvedere area 
was occupied 
by a world festival.

as we were crossing 
the bridge,
there came a deluge!
the sun was shining brightly,
but it was pouring rain.
it was unbelievable...

dana took her phone from her bag 
and pulled up the weather.
0% chance of precipitation...
she then looked at the radar.

dana: there it is.

dana showed me 
the pop-up storm
which was right over us.

dana: it looks like 
we will get a break soon, 

the four of us sat in the car 
watching the rain 
hit the front windshield, 
taking silly car pictures.

when it finally stopped,
we made a mad dash 
up to the pedestrian bridge.
along the way, 
we heard a passer-by
say another wave of storms
would be coming through 
in about an hour. 

dana: well, we have an hour...


in that hour,
dana posed katherine and zack,
adjusted the lighting, 
over and over again 
while i held 
the flash and reflector, 
at one point, 
i looked over at dana,
and she was lying 
on the puddled ground 
shooting up at my couple.



we returned to our suite,
redid hair and makeup,
changed clothes 
from casual to formal.
security took us to the rooftop.
it was gorgeous up there,
and katherine and zack 
looked amazing!

when dana finished those shots, 
we went to the lobby 
then out to fourth street.
dana put the finishing touches
on the formal shots 
by capturing
the two ascending up 
the suite tower 
in an exposed elevator.


once again,
 we returned to our suite, 
redid hair and makeup,
changed clothes 
from formal to fun.
by this time,
it was after 10pm; 
we were all tired and hungry.
so, we went to cafe magnolia 
for some kentucky fare...
followed by 
kentucky bourbon bread pudding.
after rest, caffeine, 
and a little sustenance,
everyone was ready to finish 
the engagement shoot, 
which we did 
at the galt house's
bourbon bar.

these last shots 
were adorable!
they involved 
katherine and zack
donning football jerseys,
a football,
a big, rustic, 
metal "p" (for peay)
with a backdrop 
of a couple of hundred bottles 
of kentucky bourbon.

once she had shot
all those photos, 
we returned to our suite
and went to bed.
(after 6 hours 
of photos, 
we were exhausted!)


i only saw a few 
of dana's shots...
as i want to be surprised 
when we get the proofs.



we are waiting 
with bated breath 
to see the rest...

"about a week," she said.

(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx