wedding tune

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

all is well...

katherine and i left toni and lucy 
to talk.
we slid in behind a rack 
of dresses.

katherine: oh, my,
i didn't see that coming!

(i cracked up!
-like i had to tightly cross my legs
to keep from wetting myself- 
cracked up!)

me: me either! 


just a few moments later, 
toni and lucy found us.

me: hey, you two:)
toni: lucy said she's ready 
to try on her dress.
me: are you sure?

i looked down at lucy,
who was grinning 
up at me.

toni: she's going to try 
on the dress, 
but she wants to think 
about being a bridesmaid...
she's still not sure.

toni smiled at me.

me: well, okay then. 
let's do it!

lucy took 
katherine's hand in hers
and skipped along side her 
back to the dressing room.


diva-lucy returned!

smiling, giggling, and animated, 
lucy tried on a couple 
of dresses. 
she danced; 
she modeled...
she looked like a doll!

me: that was pretty easy, 
wasn't it, luc?
lucy: yes:)
me: okay, well, change back 
into your stripey dress, 
and we'll go to lunch.
where would you like to go?
lucy: baskin robbins!
me: ice cream for lunch?
sounds good to me;)
lucy (fading away 
as she returned 
to her dressing room): did you know 
barrack obama's first job 
was at baskin robbins?


while helping lucy 
change her clothes, 
toni talked lucy 
into food-before-ice-cream.
so, we went to g.d. ritzy's
where she could get both. 
after lunch, ice cream, 
and visiting, 
we all hugged 
headed to our respective 

having just changed 
our clothes 
and in the process 
of telling john and zack 
about our "lucy day",
katherine and i 
received a text from lucy.
she had texted us 
a picture...

we died laughing!

me: well, i guess she decided 
to do it?
katherine: i think so?

we cracked up again!

just a few minutes later, 
we both received a text 
from toni.

i looked over at katherine 
who was beaming.


me: all's well 
that ends well?

katherine: yes! yes!

giggles ensued...

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx