wedding tune

Monday, August 3, 2015

he chose verragio...

me: let me see!

katherine slid her hand over 
and into mine, 
leaned into me
began to whisper.

katherine: i know it's too big,
but, do you like it?
me: i LOVE it!

she beamed.

katherine: it's exactly 
what i wanted!
me: i know! it's gorgeous!
zack did VERY well!

i returned her smile.


katherine was very excited,
she was very disappointed 
as well...
she couldn't wear her ring- 
it was HUGE
on her tiny finger. 
zack assured her 
they'd go and have it 
resized as soon 
as we returned home 
from the dominican.

katherine has never 
worn much jewelry...
just a simple necklace 
pearl earrings.
she actually only had 
one ring in her jewelry box. 
it was a pearl-cluster ring 
my aunt had given her 
for Christmas 
several years ago.
it was a size 5. 
because it was too big
for her ring finger,
when she wore it, 
she wore it on 
her middle finger.
this was all the information
by which zack had to go 
without spoiling the surprise.


upon our return home,  
zack made an appointment, 
and he and katherine took her ring 
back to the jeweler 
to be modified. 
one of the associates 
at the store measured 
her finger 
and determined she measured 
between a 4 and a 4.25 
then explained to her
due to the designer's
name being inscribed 
on the inside of her ring 
it would have to be 
returned to the designer 
for the needed adjustments. 

two weeks later, 
droste's called 
letting katherine know 
her engagement ring was ready. 
she called zack 
and asked him to pick it up 
on his way home from work.

when he got home 
with the ring, 
katherine immediately 
took it out of the box 
and slid it on her finger.



extremely disappointed 
and now 
they returned to the jewelry store.
this time 
the store's manager 
involved himself.
he assured them 
he would take care 
of the situation
in a timely fashion.

just a few days later, 
someone from the store,
once again, 
notified katherine
her ring was ready, 
once again,
katherine and zack 
returned to droste's,
where she
tried on her ring. 

this time however...  



love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx