wedding tune

Friday, July 17, 2015

the i-do-shoe...

so, while i was dreaming of 
and pinning  
the most beautifully detailed
 bridal pumps 
to my pinterest 
princess katherine 
had pedi-accessory 
ideas of her own...




the day katherine said, "yes!" 
to the dress,
she also committed to 
her i-will-heel
her i-do-shoe.

the owner at ella park 
came into the the fitting room
to measure katherine
for her dress.

owner: okay, now do you 
have the shoes with you 
you are planning to wear 
with your dress?

katherine looked over at me 
and gave me a quirky smile.

owner: what?  did you forget
to bring them with you.

me: are you going to tell her?

the owner looked at katherine 
and smiled awaiting her answer. 
katherine's eyes danced, 
her quirky grin 
turned into a full-blown 

me: well, she says she's wearing 
converse tennis shoes.

that really did just come 
out of my mouth... 
katherine elizabeth
is going 
to wear chucks
with this beautiful, 
australian-inspired gown!
oh my word!

the owner never missed 
a beat.

owner: great! do you have them 
with you?
katherine: uh...
me: no, we haven't ordered
them yet. however, we do 
have a plethora
of them at home.

(katherine's worn chucks 
since before she walked.)

me: if need be, 
we could come back tomorrow 
and bring them.
owner:  that won't be necessary. 
i'll be right back.

she left the room,
was gone for a few minutes,
and then returned 
with her cell phone in her hand. 

owner: it says here 
that chuck taylors are 
an inch and a half in height.

she looked at katherine 
and smiled.

owner: so, we'll just add 
an inch and a half 
to the length.

katherine looked over at me 
and gave me the quirky grin 
 i rolled my eyes.

we both giggled.


upon leaving the boutique, 
i looked over at katherine...

me: so, you're wearing 
chuck taylors;
you're really wearing
under that gorgeous gown?!!?! 
katherine: yep!
me: katherineelizabeth!??!?!

i cocked my head to the side 
arched my right eyebrow 
at her.

she laughed.

me: well, you know 
you are going to have 
to have a pair of heels 
for pictures.
katherine: huh?

i cut my 
at the princess.

katherine: o...kay.


let me just say,
i didn't have to twist 
the bride-to-be's arm 
to get her to look for 
"picture" heels...

she found three pairs 
she loved,
she couldn't choose among, 
she had to have...

of course, 


love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx