wedding tune

Saturday, July 25, 2015

man of honor...

"welcome to 2015, 
the year where it's finally 
so not weird 
to have your best guy friend, 
brother or business partner
 stand by your side
 on your big day."


even if it still were 
to have a
man of honor 
standing next to her 
on her wedding day, 
it would be 
even weirder
for william  not 
to be katherine's 
stand up guy.


prepared for a road-trip,
will arrived on the lane
last saturday morning.

will: so, what are we doing?

where are we going?
katherine: we are going to murray 
to meet up with amanda.
then we are going 
to go to a couple 
of boutiques 
to look at dresses 
for my engagement pictures.

looking a little unconvinced

about how fun 
our road-trip was sounding
thus far, 
will looked over at zack 
then at me.

i giggled.

me: we won't be long;

we just want to see 
what they have.
will: uh, okay...?...
me:  you and zack 
don't even have to 
go into the shops.
y'all can drop us off
and go do whatever, 
then come back and get us.
katherine: yeah, trick! 
then we are going 
to find a hotel, 
hang out by the pool, 
and later
go to pagliai's for pizza.
will: oh, uh, okay...

will gave me a nod 
and the 

katherine: are we 
ready to rock and roll?
me: almost, don't 
you need to do something 

katherine gave me 
the puzzled look.

i mouthed, 
"will's tee shirt...
his chucks?"
katherine responded, 
"oh, yeah!" 

katherine excused herself 
then quickly returned
with the things 
she needed 
to formally ask
(she had already 
done so) 
will to be her 
man of honor:

~a sign requesting, 
"will you be my...",
~a tee shirt bearing 
the title,
"man of honor",
~tiffany blue
chuck taylors,
which matched 
the ones katherine 
had chosen for herself.

katherine: here, will, 
put this on,
we've got to go 
take pictures!
will: uh, okay.

will held up 
in front of him 
the tee katherine 
handed him.

will: is this silver?
(will's a little colorblind;)
me: yes, silver matte.
will smiled.
will: cool, i like it!!!

he really did.


he put on his new shirt,
grabbed his chucks,
and katherine grabbed
her sign.

katherine: let's go out 
in the backyard.

will and i 
followed her.
after posing the two, 
i captured 
the official picture... 
then a couple more 
shots just for fun.

we loaded the jeep 
and headed 
not long into 
our journey,
i heard katherine 
ask william...

katherine: will, are you my bffl?
will: yeah, i'm your bffl!
katherine: you know, 
i was thinking, 
no matter how long 
we are apart,
we just always pick back up 
right where we left off...
will: yeah, i was thinking 
about that the other night...
it's cool!

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx