wedding tune

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

macarthur park...

it was a conclusion 
we didn't need to come to 
in haste. 
we needed to 

weigh out and discuss
the pros and cons 

of each,  
 sleep on it, 
and then 
and only then 
make a decision... 


i didn't have to "sleep on it"
personally, i was already well aware 
of at least 
three downsides
of a kentucky, rooftop wedding 
in june...

as we had stood atop 
the suite tower 
on the rooftop
my back had begun to sweat
(it was hot up there),
courtney mentioned, 
in the past,
 they'd had to use heavy plate chargers 
on the tables 
to keep things from blowing away
(it could be very windy up there),
from what i gathered, 
the backup plan 
for rain 
was a little sketchy
(there wasn't a concrete backup plan).

in my opinion,
at best, 
the rooftop was going to be 


i was all like...
macarthur park...

i knew,
without a doubt,
the rooftop
 was katherine's choice.

okay, truth?

she needed to sleep on it.


when she awoke 
the next morning, 
katherine got in bed with me. 

me: have you made 
a decision yet?
katherine: yes, the rooftop!

me: no!!! not the rooftop!!!

me: are you sure? 
and, did you get 
what the backup plan for rain 
was exactly? 
katherine: what do you mean? 
didn't she say the indoor 
rooftop terrace was the backup?
me: i don't think she did say, 
but i don't know how you 
would be able to have your 
in that space, 
do you?

me: miserably crowded...

katherine: i don't know, 
but she said it wouldn't 
be a problem.
i mean we could use 
the covered outdoor 
area as well.

me: back sweat...

me: well, what if it's not 
just rain?
what if it's storming 
the wind is blowing? 
katherine: mom, 
do you just not want me 
to do the rooftop?

me: macarthur park...

katherine was getting 
quite irritated... 

it was time for me to get real.


me: okay, i've been trying to use 
reverse psychology on you. 
now, i'm just going to be frank.
the only way 
the rooftop is going to be 
what your are imagining 
on saturday, 
june fourth, two thousand and sixteen
 at half past six o'clock in the evening, 
it is
 78 degrees,
low humidity,
with a light breeze 
out of the southwest.
in kentucky 
on the ohio river...
just isn't that predictable!
katherine: well, i like both, 
but the rooftop isn't as expensive 
as the penthouse is.
me: seriously, by the time
we decorate the rooftop 
for a garden wedding 
the expense 
will be about the same. 
so, don't worry about that!
if you choose the penthouse,
you won't have to worry 
about anything!

katherine pondered for a bit.

katherine: i guess you are right. 


me: so, you want me to tell courtney 
we want the waterford room?
katherine: yes.


i was all like...
no rain...
no melting cake in the dark!

a penthouse wedding 
it will be!

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx