wedding tune

Thursday, June 11, 2015

this is the one...

when we walked into ella park
on sunday,
we were greeted 
by jackie,
katherine's precious
bridal consultant.

katherine: thank you so much 
for coming in on your off day!
jackie: it was not a problem
at all!

me: we really do appreciate
you doing this!
things have changed
a little bit
since her initial styling session.
due to lack of space
on the boat.
she has chosen,
garden wedding. 
katherine: yes,
 so, i think i may want 
something with a little softer feel, 
and also, i will have more room 
for perhaps a bit fuller dress. 

jackie: i totally understand. 
did you bring ideas in with you?
katherine: yes, mom has pictures 
and style numbers on her phone.


as i began to show jackie
the dresses on my phone,
katherine called out to me.

katherine: mom, do you remember 
seeing this one?

jackie and i walked over to her.
she was standing 
next to a mannequin 
donned in the most beautiful dress
we had yet seen.

me: i don't remember it.
katherine: is this new, jackie?
jackie: yes, we just got it in!
katherine: can i try it on?
jackie: yes, of course,
you'll be the first!
katherine: mom, do you really like it?
me: oh, i love it; 
it's gorgeous!

jackie marked it 
along with the others 
in which katherine was interested,
grabbed all the gowns,
accompanied katherine 
back to her dressing room.

my aunt, mary ann,
 had come with us.
she and i 
made our way 
back to the viewing room 
and anxiously waited
for katherine to come out
of the dressing room.


when katherine 
entered the room, 
mary ann and i 
were chitchatting.

katherine: this is it...

when i turned around,
i saw her standing there 
in the dress she had seen
on the mannequin...
she was beaming,
grinning ear to ear.
she sparkled,
she shined.

it took a second 
for me to even look 
at the dress... 
i could not take my eyes
off her face.

when i did,
i knew 
i was seeing 


on katherine

she looked
she looked like
a vintage,

there were still others
 to try.

but there was no doubt
about it...

this was

aunt mary ann...
was in total agreement!

(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx