wedding tune

Thursday, June 4, 2015

no, next june 4th...

just a little less than a month ago,
while in punta cana,
on the beautiful caribbean island
of the dominican republic,
 zack got down on bended-knee
and asked katherine
to be his wife...

katherine said, "yes",
in just one short year,
katherine will marry
her best friend,


a friend asked, 
"have they set a date?" 
to which i replied,
"yes, june 4th."

"tomorrow?" she asked"
i giggled to myself 
then answered,
"no, next june 4th. 
we are just getting
everything (we can) 
done now
before katherine 
starts back to work."

i thought we were 
getting started 
a little too early...

- until i realized
we weren't!


when we returned from vacation,
katherine and zack talked 
and decided on 
a destination wedding...
immediate family, 
close friends.

so, katherine and i
began our search
for the perfect place.
a cancun all-inclusive,
a smokey mountain,
an inn wedding
were all in 
the initial race.

we called and emailed 
information and availability 
and found we were going to have to 
act fast.

- the venue calendars 
were already 
filling up quickly
with 2016 weddings!

so, a couple of saturdays ago, 
katherine, zack, and i 
sat with our laptops 
and searched.  
we searched 
then i happened 
onto a venue 
we hadn't considered...

we all loved the idea 
and further loved 
the fact the yacht venue
was just a couple of hours away 
in louisville, kentucky.

zack called,
checked on availability,
and made an appointment 
for us to go look at 
we traveled to prospect, kentucky
last saturday.
the boat was immaculate, 
the package was great,
and jeff, the event coordinator, 
was great!
 he explained
how everything would go.
it was all 
a go 
until he pointed out 
the yacht was currently set up 
for a wedding...

katherine's and zack's.

in what felt like
i felt myself 
look around the vessel,
(even though he said 
it would work)
i began to fear 
things might just be
a little 


on our way home 
from louisville, 
i decided 
jeff knew what he was doing,
we would let him 
work out the space issue. 
i also made a list
of calls i needed 
to make 
- asap:

a transportation company,
sweet surrender,
a florist.

i needed to:

block rooms for our guests,
get limos for the wedding party, 
set up a cake tasting,
make an appointment 
to pick out flowers.

(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx