wedding tune

Friday, June 26, 2015

a top choice, a tough choice...

realizing i had yet 
to get 
information from courtney, 
the galt house wedding event planner,  
present it
(if doable)
to the bride, groom,
father of the bride 
for their approval,
my inner goddess still
a great BIG sigh of relief!

i knew...


which looked a little like this:


after receiving and presenting 
the alternatives 
sent me
to katherine, zack, and 
the father of the bride, 
we all were in agreement... 
we needed to 
at least 
consider moving the venue 
from the yacht.

so, i made an appointment
 to explore  
the aforementioned 
venue options, and, 
last friday,
katherine, zack, and i did 
just that.


although we had 
already narrowed down 
courtney's list 
to either
the rooftop and garden terrace,
a beautiful
covered and open area 
atop the suite tower 
overlooking the city, 
the waterford room
a very elegant, 
 glassed-in suite 
on the top floor 
of the rivue tower 
overlooking the ohio river, 
courtney  graciously took the time 
to show us all 
the galt house had to offer. 

in the end, though, 
just as we thought,
it came down to making 
a really tough decision 
an outdoor, 
garden wedding 
on the roofto
an indoor, 
much more formal wedding
on the top floor.
it was a conclusion 
we didn't need to come to 
in haste. 
we needed to 
sleep on it, 
weigh out 
and discuss
the pros and cons of each,  
and then 
and only then 
make a decision. 

we thanked courtney 
and assured her 
we would get back with her 

(to be continued...)

love and God's blessings,
the mother of the bride xxx